Postdoctoral Position in Chemistry
ETH Zurich

Postdoctoral Position in Chemistry 

The solid-state NMR research group in the Departement of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences is looking for a Postdoctoral Researcher on the topic of pulse-sequence optimization based on effective Hamiltonians. We are a small team working on theoretical aspects and methodological developments in solid-state NMR and dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP). Our work is mostly geared towards applications the understanding of pulse sequences and implementing new experiments.

Project background

Solid-state NMR is an important analytical technique to characterize structure and dynamics of biomolecules and materials. So far, pulse sequences have been implemented mostly based on analytical calculations of the spin dynamics. Based on recent theoretical developments in our group (publication 1, publication 2), we plan to use numerical optimization of effective Hamiltonians to generate new and more efficient pulse sequences in a way similar to the analytical approach used so far. Applications are envisioned to include polarization transfer in solid-state NMR under MAS as well as pulse sequences for pulsed DNP.

Job description

The work will focus on implementing numerical optimization strategies to design pulse sequences for high-resolution solid-state NMR under magic-angle spinning and static DNP in close collaboration with two PhD students working on these topics. The efficiency of such pulse-sequence elements is key for improving the sensitivity of NMR experiments. To obtain the best performance not only parameters of the spin systems but also experimental imperfections of the spectrometers have to be included in the modelling of the experiment. Such an approach will require:

  • Extending and improving an existing framework for optimizing pulse sequences based on effective Hamiltonian calculations
  • Numerical simulation of generated sequences to check their performance under a large range of experimental conditions
  • Implementing these sequences on commercial NMR spectrometers and home-built DNP systems to check their experimental performance on model systems
  • Iterative improvements in the optimization tools to improve the performance of the generated sequences

The postodctoral research will be focused on the methodological development of the optimization procedures and the effective Hamiltonian calculations. One important consideration will be the optimization of the code to speed up the numerical optimization procedures. This requires a good understanding of NMR and EPR theory and spin physics. The position is initially for a one year duration, funding is currently available for two years.

Your profile

We are looking for a highly-motivated researcher who is interested in working on the intersection between Chemistry and Physics in a small interdisciplinary team. The position will require independence, perseverance, and the willingness to acquaint yourself with new topics and methods.

You should:

  • Hold a PhD in solid-state NMR, DNP, EPR or a related field
  • Have an excellent track record in reserach proven by publications in this field
  • Have a good understanding of NMR theory and computer simulations
  • Understand the basics of NMR and EPR hardware
  • Be able to optimize and maintain a home-built DNP system
  • Be willing to work closely with PhD students to support and guide them
  • Supervise research projects of undergraduate students
  • Implement sequences on home-built DNP hardware

We offer

ETH offers an exciting opportunity to work at the forefront of scientific research. Collaborations with other research groups are possible and attendance of international conferences in the field of NMR spectroscopy are strongly encouraged.

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Curious? So are we.

We look forward to receiving your online application with the following documents in a single merged PDF document, titled with your last name and initials as well as the application date (for example, 20240301_DoeJane_application) in the following order:

  1. Cover letter with a description of your research achievements and research interests
  2. Detailed CV with publication list
  3. Transcripts of all degrees (English)
  4. Names and contact information of at least two references

Please note that we exclusively accept applications submitted through our online application portal. Applications via email or postal services will not be considered.

Further information about our group can be found onour website. Questions regarding the position should be directed to Matthias Ernst under the email (no applications).

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