PhD Positions in Neuroimmunology
University of Basel

PhD Positions in Neuroimmunology

100%, starting 2024/2025

The Department of Biomedicine is a joint effort between the University of Basel and the University Hospitals Basel. It unites basic and clinical scientists to advance our understanding of health and disease and to develop pioneering therapies benefiting the lives of patients in areas of unmet need.
With more than 70 research groups and 900 employees, the Department of Biomedicine is the largest department at the University. We are located in the heart of Basel at 6 different locations. Be part of our future!

The Clinical Neuroimmunology Laboratory in the Department of Biomedicine, headed by Professor Tobias Derfuss, is planning to open a PhD position in early Summer of 2024 and a second position at the end of 2024 or early 2025. Research in the lab is aimed at understanding the causes and pathomechanisms of autoimmune diseases affecting the nervous system, particularly multiple sclerosis and myasthenia gravis.

Your position

The first position (expected start Summer 2024) is focussed on myasthenia gravis, and will include (i) involvement in a pre-defined international study of patient biosamples with a strong clinical component, and (ii) a somewhat higher risk basic science component looking at the normal physiological role of self-reactive B cells.
The second position (expected start December 2024) will study the interaction between brain-resident B cells and the surrounding brain tissue, mostly in experimental animal models.
Experimental methods for both positions include molecular and cell biology, flow cytometry, histology and microscopy, protein methods, and bioinformatics.

Your profile

We are looking for people who enjoy working in the lab, and with whom other people also enjoy working together. Basic research requires thought, patience, attention to detail, the commitment of large amounts of time and energy, and the ability to tolerate frustration. You need to be able to work independently, and also to work in a highly integrated way as part of a team, sometimes under circumstances that may seem like they benefit the team while the immediate benefit to you may not be clear. Particularly the first position would be very suitable for someone who would like to complete PhD in addition to their medical studies (MD-PhD).

We offer you

We are a small lab, and we offer a stable, friendly environment in which doctoral and medical students can develop their skills and their understanding, with solild support from people with experience in the various required techniques. We don't make unreasonable demands, and we are open to discuss more or less all aspects of the work and the environment. The Department of Biomedicine at the University of Basel is very well equiped, and smartly run by people who understand what it takes to get cutting edge research done, and the community of PhD students here is well supported and socially welcoming.

Application / Contact

Interested applicants should contact the project leader Nicholas Sanderson by email at

Please include two things: a CV as a separate fil, and, as text included in the main body of the email, a five- to ten-sentence description of your most interesting research work so far (Masters project, undergraduate project, hobby project, etc), making clear what the question or goal was, what methods you used, what the results were, how you interpreted them, and what you most wish you had done differently and why.

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