PhD Position in Mikrobiology
University Hospital Erlangen

PhD Position in Mikrobiology

Since its foundation in 1815, the University Hospital Erlangen has offered medicine at the highest level. The latest findings in medical research and state-of-the-art equipment are used in diagnosis and therapy. More than 9,400 employees from around 50 professions fulfil the diverse tasks of Erlangen University Hospital, care for our patients around the clock and carry out excellent research.
The Research Training Group 2740 (RTG, “Graduiertenkolleg 2740”), which has started in January 2022, is a research consortium funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation). It consists of 15 outstanding research groups located in Erlangen, Regensburg and Cologne and focuses on the in situ analysis of micromilieu factors and metabolites in the context of microbial infections (“immunomicrotope”).

Your tasks:

The Research Training Group (RTG) 2740 offers 14 positions for the second cohort of doctoral candidates in natural sciences (Dr. rer. nat. candidates), starting in January 2025. The 14 scientists will be trained in the characterization of host- or microbe-derived factors that shape the microenvironment in the infected tissue and thereby regulate the function of immune cells and/or the pathogenicity and survival of non-viral infectious agents. The structured program will also convey the necessary theoretical knowledge, specific technical capabilities and general research skills to the doctoral candidates. The RTG2740 offers a thorough mentoring strategy and a high degree of internationality, including the possibility of an international laboratory exchange and the organization of a biennial international "ImmunoMicroTope Symposium" in Erlangen.

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  • The program starts on January 1st 2025
  • 14 positions are available for initially 36 months
  • Pay grade is determined according to the qualifications and personal requirements as defined by TVL E13
  • Please provide a single PDF file (last name_first name.pdf) consisting of the following documents in English language:
  1. Application form (RTG 2740 Application form_PhD), completely filled in;
  2. Curriculum vitae (including date of birth and portrait photo)
  3. Letter of motivation
  4. One-page summary each of the bachelor and master thesis
  5. Copies of the university entrance exam, Bachelor exam and Master exam
  6. Two letters of reference
  7. Other credentials and information relevant to the RTG2740 program

The recruitment symposium will take place on October 1 and 2, 2024, in Erlangen

Essential experience/qualifications:

  • Candidates for the doctoral positions in natural science (Dr. rer. nat.) or human biology (Dr. rer. biol. hum.) must hold a M.Sc. degree in immunology, microbiology, cell and molecular biology, biochemistry, molecular medicine, applied mathematics, theoretical physics or in bioinformatics.
  • Enthusiasm for experimental in vitro and in vivo research, self-reliance, ability to work in a team, excellent skills of the English language and an intrinsic motivation for the specific training program of the RTG 2740 are expected.

Additionally beneficial are:

  • Depending on the project, experience in bioinformatics, imaging techniques as well as mouse models (Felasa B) would be advantageous.

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