PhD Position in Biochemistry
Heidelberg University

PhD Position in Biochemistry

We are seeking a motivated PhD student with a background in biochemistry, cell biology or molecular biology. The nuclear pore complex (NPC) is a large cylindrical structure with multiple copies of over 30 different proteins named nucleoporins (NUPs). The NPC is embedded in the nuclear envelope (NE) at fusion sites of the inner and outer nuclear membrane where it facilitates nuclear-cytoplasmic transport of RNA and proteins. NPCs assemble in the intact nuclear envelope (interphase human cells or yeast cells with a closed mitosis) by an inside-out mechanism. NUPs become deposited from within the nucleus to the inner nuclear membrane, deform this membrane and eventually the inner and outer nuclear membranes fuse. We recently have identified with Brr6 and Brl1 two conserved integral membrane proteins that may play a role in nuclear membrane fusion during NPC biogenesis.


In this project we will study NPC biogenesis using budding yeast and human cells as model systems. The PhD student will use biochemical approaches (Brr6 and Brl1 reconstitution into liposomes), super resolution microscopy (MinFlux), electron microscopy, CRISPR/Cas9 technology and live cell imaging to study NPC assembly.


Successful candidates will be part of an international team of PhD students and postdocs that works at the forefront of scientific research. The PhD student will be a member of the Heidelberg Biosciences International Graduate School (HBIGS) (


We offer:

The PhD position is funded in the first instance for 3 years with starting date based on mutual agreement (possible from March/April 2024). The remuneration is based on TV-L E13.


Application deadline: 30 April 2024



Please send applications (CV, motivation letter, 2-3 referees and a copy of Bachelor and Master transcripts) to Elmar Schiebel (


Mailing address: Prof. Elmar Schiebel, ZMBH, Heidelberg University, Im Neuenheimer Feld 345, D-69120 Heidelberg, Germany. We ask for your understanding that received application documents will not be returned.


For literature on this topic, please follow this link to our website:


Heidelberg University stands for equal opportunities and diversity. Persons with severe disabilities will be given preference if they are equally qualified. Information on job advertisements and the collection of personal data is available at

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